How do you want others to describe you?  What kind of impression would you like to make on people?  We all have stand out characters.  Whether we are kind, loving, smart, genuine, caring.  Rather than have one stand out character, what if we possessed many great ones!  What if we strive to be “Divergent” and become a better person in every way?  Hard work, commitment, desire and determination can make it possible to achieve these five Divergent characteristics.


Push aside every fear, from failure to consequences, in order to try to gain success. Believe there are no limits to what you can achieve, and actively pursue every opportunity you’re graced with.


Be nurturing towards others and the Earth. Take care of our society and one another.
Smile, offer a friendly compliment, and be uplifting. In doing so we will feel uplifted and better ourselves and this world.


Apply yourself. Don’t just learn about new things, absorb them by understanding them better than you ever have before. Take advantage of every opportunity to learn and help teach others.


Do for others what you would have them do for you. Put yourself in other shoes and think “what could I do to make their life better right now?” Helping others can possibly alleviate burdens they might be going through, while developing yourself and growing into a more understanding person.


Don’t fabricate yourself, or any situation. Be straight forward with others in a manner that is uplifting and encouraging. Take responsibility for your wrongs and always apologize with emphasis. Be genuine with yourself and others. Honesty offers confidence.