Make Sure to Make Your Bed!

By Raenesha Spurs

“Make your bed before you leave!” we all probably heard this growing up.  You might have not understood why your parents yelled at you to make your bed daily and the truth is they were doing you a favor.  It may seem very minor to do but it can help jump start your day on a positive and good note.  If you’re anything like me, this habit can help make getting the day started a little more bearable.  Here are a few reasons why you should start making your bed in the morning once you wake up. 

  1. You start your day feeling accomplished.  By making your bed not only are you tidying up your room but getting a great start to the day.  What’s better than getting the day started crossing a chore off your list.  Even though it’s early in the day you can at least check it off your list of things to do. 
  2. It  establishes good habits into your daily routine.  Making your bed isn’t really a negative.  Who doesn’t want to come home after a long day of work to a freshly made bed?  Creating good habits can help you stay focused on your daily tasks. BONUS–This can help improve your mental health as well!
  3. Reducing stress can also be one of the side effects of making your bed. When your room is cluttered and messy it can be hard to get focused on your tasksfor the day.  By making your bed, you give yourself a sight line of cleanliness to your room.  You know what they say, your room reflects your life, so why not at least have the bed made!