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Beating Boredom

By Madison Rodriguez

A busy work week can be overwhelming and stressful.  On top of being busy, what can you do to occupy your kiddos while you are hard at work?  Fear not, parents! Here are the doctor’s orders to cure your kid’s boredom.

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Journaling is a lost art, and it is the perfect way to let your child’s creative juices flowing.  If your child wants to let their imagination run wild, let them take on some creative writing!  Get them started by having them write down a favorite memory or draw a picture from one of your family outings.

Listen to Music

Sometimes, music can take you to a completely new world.  One of the best ways to help your child escape the reality of boredom is to put some headphones on them and tune in to their favorite tune. 

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Laughing kid with down syndrome reading book

Read a Book

Some of the most formative moments in a child’s life are the times they are curled up reading a book.  There are literally thousands of great children’s books on the market now at every age level.  Nothing encourages a child’s imagination like getting lost in a book.  If you give your child a book to read, their boredom will be something from a past-tense story.


Boredom is a blank canvas, and sometimes the only way to get rid of it is to color!  Coloring on a sheet of paper and painting on a canvas will both give your child a creative outlet, and give them a place to water-color away their boredom!

female child indoor drawing on a paper - playing, drawing activities, creativity concept

Beating child boredom can be challenging, but maybe these ideas will help inspire creativity and keep your child’s mind stimulated and entertained during the work day!