3 ways to Pamper Your Pet

Pets have always held a special place in peoples’ hearts. As a beloved family member, what better way to show your love than pampering them at home? Here are a few easy ways to spoil your companion any day, rain or shine.

DIY treats

From no-bake peanut butter balls to catnip croutons, homemade treats are an affordable, accessible and fun way to pamper your pet! Whether they’re furry, feathery, slimy or scaly, there are DIY treat recipes available for every companion in your life. Hundreds of recipes online use ingredients found right at your local grocery store, making it an easy project everyone will love. Plus, who doesn’t love food?


You should always consult with your vet about what foods are safe for your pet, but unlike many treats available at pet stores, you’ll know exactly what your pet is eating when it’s homemade. This is useful for pet parents wanting to limit unhealthy ingredients in their pets’ diets – especially when dealing with food sensitivities.

Masseuse for a day

Pets love to be pet, but according to the American Kennel Club, there are multiple benefits to stepping up their routine with a massage. Yes, massages aren’t just for human spa days anymore! Giving your pet a good massage can help keep their muscles conditioned, reduce stress and anxiety, promote bonding, and even help identify bumps or growths early. Studies also show petting dogs or cats can lower heart rates, making this activity beneficial for everyone!

Funny Scottish Fold Cat and Welsh Corgi Dog Lying Under Blanket on Sofa

Quality time together

Whether you have a swimmer, explorer, or couch potato, spending time with your pet doing their favorite thing will make their day! Between work and day-to-day responsibilities, it can be easy to get overwhelmed and sometimes skip out on quality time with your companions. Setting aside time, whether an hour each evening or an entire day during the weekend, to do what they love can help make up for it! 


All pet parents can agree – these furry family members make life interesting! Pets do so much for their people, so do something for them with these easy, at-home pampering tips.